Can You Use a Keyboard Amp for Bass? Pros, Cons, & Important Tips

Perhaps you are a keyboard player who wants to learn the bass. And you want to save money buying a bass amp by using your existing keyboard amp. Or maybe you only have access to a keyboard amp at the venue you’re playing. Whatever the reason, can you use a keyboard amp for bass? In short, yes. You can use a keyboard amp for a bass guitar without any … Read more

Can Amplifiers Overheat? +3 Important Tips

Heat is the major enemy of most electronic devices, including amplifiers. It is widely known that excessive heat affects how electronic components function and reduces their overall life span as well. Yes, amplifiers can overheat, and it is a common problem with amplifiers. Overheated amplifiers generally occur when amplifiers are left on for extremely long periods or when they are placed close to other heat-generating devices.  What Causes Amplifiers To … Read more

Drums vs Piano: Difficulty, Difference, and How to Choose

Picking up your first musical instrument to learn can be quite a daunting task. That’s because there are so many options to choose from. However, two of the most popular musical instruments we have today are the drums and the piano. And if you are having a difficult time choosing between the piano and the drums, then this article is for you.  We’ll talk about the differences between the … Read more

6 Things You Should Know About Piano Players

There are many misconceptions about piano players circulating on the internet. And honestly, it can be quite frustrating sifting through many opinion-based answers about pianists to find the right answers. So I did the hard work for you. Here are the answers to six common questions about piano players that you should know. Why are pianists skinny? Many pianists are skinny because skinny people usually have thin fingers and … Read more

Artist vs Musician: What’s the Real Difference?

Artist and musician are two words that are used interchangeably, and many people think they mean the same thing, myself included. However, these are two different words with totally different meanings. After some research hours, here is the difference between an artist and a musician that I found. What’s the main difference between an artist and a musician? An artist is someone with a musical idea or vision that … Read more

Why Do Many Musicians Have Long Hair? 4 Fascinating Reasons

As a curious musician with short hair, I have always wondered why there so many musicians with long hair. Few minutes into my research to find the answer, I realized I’m not the only one who wants answers. After a few hours researching why musicians keep long hair, here are four reasons I found 1. Long hair is associated with classical music Musicians having long hair dates back to … Read more

Do Preamp Tubes Need to Be Matched?

Perhaps you are looking to replace worn-out preamp tubes, or maybe you are looking to upgrade to more robust tubes. But the no. 1 question many people replacing their preamp tubes for the first time ask is, do preamp tubes need to be matched? Well, after hours of research, here is what I found. Preamp tubes don’t need to be matched. The two triodes in preamp tubes operate independently … Read more

Midas MR18 vs Soundcraft Ui24R: Which One Should You Buy?

After I made a comparison between the Midas MR18 and Behringer XR18 digital mixer, I received a couple of emails asking me to compare the Midas MR18 with the Soundcraft Ui24R. After much hesitation, I finally decided to go for it. When we talk about compact, rack-mountable digital mixers, two of the most popular options that come to mind are the Midas MR18 and the Soundcraft Ui24R digital mixers. … Read more

Are Behringer Pedals Any Good? Read This Before You Buy

Many years ago, Behringer added the production of guitar effects pedals to its long list of products by imitating (cloning) some of the most popular and successful guitar effect pedals available today. These pedals have received mixed reactions from their users. Many swear by how great they sound, while others simply refer to them as cheap. These reactions and reviews have led many to ask, “Are Behringer pedals any … Read more

XLR vs 1/4 Inch: Which is a Better Choice?

In the professional audio world, two of the most common audio ports and jacks you will find are the XLR and the 1/4 inch. For this reason, many types of audio equipment such as mixers, audio interfaces, keyboards, and guitars either include one or both of these ports on their devices.  This brings up the question for many beginners: which is the better choice — XLR or 1/4 inch? … Read more