Do You Need an Amp for a Synthesizer? (+ When to Use It for a Synth)

Perhaps you just picked up your first synthesizer, and you want to get the best sound out of it, or maybe a friend of yours suggested you pick up an amp to play it through. I think these are all good enough reasons for you to consider buying an amp for your synth. But do you actually need an amp for a synth? Synthesizers output a line level signal, … Read more

Can You Use a Sustain Pedal as an Expression Pedal? Here are the Facts

The sustain pedal is undoubtedly one of the most popular foot pedals available. They are good for one particular thing – holding notes for longer periods. But can the sustain pedal do other things? Like using it as an expression pedal, for example. I had always been curious about this question, so I finally took some time to research, and here is what I found. Sustain pedals cannot be … Read more