Can You Use Studio Monitors as PA Speakers? (Explained!)

After we wrote an article on using PA speakers as studio monitors, many of our readers are curious to know whether it’s possible to use studio monitors as PA speakers. So in this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about using studio monitors as PA speakers, whether it’s a good idea or not, and then I’ll share my personal thoughts on this subject.  But first, let’s quickly answer … Read more

What Do the Knobs On a Bass Guitar Do? (All You Need to Know)

Some bass guitars come with two, while others have five or more knobs. It can be quite difficult, especially for beginners, to figure out exactly what they do. And that’s because these knobs are usually not labeled.  So what exactly do the knobs on a bass guitar do? The knobs on a bass guitar are used to control the overall volume of the bass guitar or blend the sounds … Read more

What Are 5-Way Speakers? (All You Need to Know!)

5-way speakers have been around for a while, but they are still not as popular as 2-way and 3-way speakers. And if you’re looking to upgrade your audio system, 5-way speakers are, without a doubt, something you should definitely consider getting. But what exactly are 5-way speakers, and how are they different from other speakers? A 5-way speaker is a speaker that has five different drivers built into them. … Read more

Woody Allen & Music: 6 Things You Need to Know! (+ Videos)

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Can You Wire 3 Speakers Together? (All You Need to Know!)

Setting up three speakers in an audio setup is something that is not as common. For many years, a two-speaker setup has been the standard. But what if you have an extra speaker available? Can you connect all three speakers together in an audio setup? You can connect three speakers to act as a single speaker unit. This can be achieved by wiring the speakers in a parallel, series, … Read more

Rhythm vs Treble Pickup: All You Need to Know!

Most guitars usually have two pickups, the treble pickup, and rhythm pickup. If you just started learning the guitar, you have probably come across the term “treble pickup” and “rhythm pickup.” Intermediate and advanced guitar players probably know what they are. However, the difference between a treble and rhythm pickup for many newbies who just picked up a guitar can be hard to understand. After some hours of research, … Read more

What is a Guitar “Ashtray” Bridge Cover & What Does it Do?

Guitar bridge covers, also known as the “ashtray” bridge cover, were a very popular add-on to Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters for nearly 20 years. Although it’s not as common as it was back in the day, we still see them on some guitars, and some shops still sell bridge covers. But what exactly is a guitar bridge cover, and what does it do? An “ashtray” bridge cover is a … Read more

Integrated Amp Vs Power Amp: What’s the Difference? (Solved)

Power amps have been around for many years, and they were the standard devices used to drive speakers. Quite recently, integrated amps came into the scene, and they are gradually replacing power amps. However, many people don’t know the difference between a power amp and an integrated amp and which one to go for. And that’s why I wrote this article. At the end of this article, you should … Read more

Are All XLR Cables the Same? (All You Need to Know!)

With so many XLR cable brands available today, many newbies looking to get into the pro audio world always seem to have the question, “are all XLR cables?” And it is a very valid question because visually, all XLR cables look quite identical. But does that mean they are the same? Although all XLR cables are used to transmit audio from one device to another, they are all not … Read more

XLR vs 3.5mm: Which is a Better Choice? (Full Guide)

XLR and 3.5mm connectors are two of the many audio connectors available today. And they are, without a doubt, part of the most used options out there. However, do you really know enough about them? What is the difference between XLR and 3.5mm connectors? Which is the better option? And can you connect an XLR jack to a 3.5mm port and vice versa? This and more is what we’ll … Read more