Are Guitar Amps Dual Voltage? Here are the Facts!

As an avid contributor on many music forums, one question that many travelling and touring guitar players ask is: Will a guitar amp work with any with any power supply it is plugged into? Are guitar amps dual voltage? As a curious writer, I took the time to research this topic, and here is what I found. Not all guitar amps are dual voltage. Many guitar amps work with … Read more

Are Guitar Amps Stereo or Mono? +5 Helpful Tips

If you’ve always wondered whether guitar amps are mono or stereo, then you are not alone. Honestly, I’m surprised by the number of times I’ve seen this question asked in forums and Facebook groups, so I decided to answer it once and for all on this blog. Are guitar amps stereo or mono? Most guitar amps available are mono, with a mono input port. That’s because guitars output a … Read more