Bluetooth Headphone Volume Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

One common problem with Bluetooth headphones is when the headphone’s volume does not change no matter how much you press them. If your Bluetooth headphones have stopped responding to volume control, then you know exactly how frustrating this can be. The good news is, depending on the audio source you are using, there are some ways of resolving this issue. In this article, I am going to explain why … more

Are Bookshelf Speakers Active Or Passive? Facts to Know!

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How to Waterproof Speaker and Subwoofer Box (6 Checklists!)

Every professional in the audio industry will tell you that adequately sealing speaker and subwoofer cabinets to make them waterproof, is very important. This is because, most speakers are built to have paper diaphragms in their drivers, and other parts that are sensitive to humidity and moisture. Therefore, waterproofing of speaker and subwoofer boxes helps to protect your speakers and subs from any harm that may be caused by … more

Can You Use Passive Speakers With An Audio Interface? Solved

Perhaps you want to save money by using your old passive speakers instead of buying a new pair of active studio monitors. Or maybe you enjoy the sound of your passive speakers and still want to use it with your new audio interface. Whatever your reason, is it possible to use passive speakers with an audio interface? Passive speakers can be used with an audio interface, provided you use … more

Can You Wire Speakers and Subwoofer to the Same Amplifier?

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Are Speakers Louder When Fully Charged? (+3 Useful Tips)

If you own a portable speaker and you’ve noticed they get quieter over time as they play music, you are not alone. One question many people ask is, “are speakers louder when they are fully charged?” After researching this subject, here’s everything I learned.   In short, yes. Battery-powered speakers are usually louder when fully charged than when they are on low battery. This is because the speaker drivers are … more

Do Audiophiles Use Subwoofers? (All You Need to Know!)

One thing you’ll notice about audiophiles’ audio setup is that some may use subwoofers while others don’t. For a newbie wanting to be an audiophile, this may be quite confusing whether or not they should get a subwoofer as part of their audio setup. So, certainly, we need to talk about it. But first, let’s answer the question: do audiophiles use subwoofers? Most audiophiles do not use subwoofers at … more

Are Stage Monitors Necessary? All You Need to Know! ( +Tips)

We have all come across stage monitors before, whether we are professional musicians, sound guys, or just an average person who attends concerts and outdoor events.  Stage monitors are the speakers usually found on the stage facing the band. But what exactly do they do, and are they even necessary? Stage monitors are a necessary component of live audio setups. Stage monitors enable performers to clearly hear themselves and … more

Can You Use Studio Monitors as PA Speakers? (Explained!)

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What Are 5-Way Speakers? (All You Need to Know!)

5-way speakers have been around for a while, but they are still not as popular as 2-way and 3-way speakers. And if you’re looking to upgrade your audio system, 5-way speakers are, without a doubt, something you should definitely consider getting. But what exactly are 5-way speakers, and how are they different from other speakers? A 5-way speaker is a speaker that has five different drivers built into them. … more