Best Ways To Mic a Drummer For Singing! (+2 Important Tips)

Some years back, it was quite rare to come across drummers who could sing whilst drumming. In fact, most people assumed that it was impossible for drummers to play the drum whilst singing simultaneously.  The truth is, though it may seem rare, there are quite a number of drummers that double as singers. These drummers can sing the main parts of a song and interact with the crowd while … Read more

Can You Record Drums with a Condenser Mic? (+ Helpful Tips!)

Condenser mics are one of the most popular mics in the audio industry. They are known for their ability to capture great vocals. Thus, condenser mics are typically used by vocalists and choristers during studio or live sessions. However, can a condenser mic be used to record drums as well?. You can record drums with a condenser mic. Condenser mics are very sensitive and can capture all the subtle … Read more

Can You Use a Keyboard Amp for Electronic Drums? (Explained)

Perhaps you have a keyboard amp. And you are wondering if you can use it for an electronic drum kit or if you actually need a new amp for it. Here is everything I learned on the subject after some hours of research. You can definitely use a keyboard amp for electronic drums. Keyboard amps are an excellent alternative to drum amps. And that’s because they have a full … Read more

Does Drumming Build Muscle? Here is All You Need to Know!

Of all the instruments available worldwide, drums can be said to be one of the most physically demanding when it comes to playing. Due to this, drummers are part of the most active members of a band. Drumming involves lots of physical, mental energy, and adrenaline when performing. As physically demanding as drumming can be, can it build your muscles? In short, no. Drumming does not build muscle. Drumming … Read more

Do Cymbals Wear Out? +Tips to Prolong Cymbal’s Lifespan

Every drummer knows how important cymbals are. They are a well-known part of a standard drum set. Cymbals often mark the transition into a new section of a song or signal the dramatic end of a great tune. Cymbals can usually be grouped into four broad groups. These are; Crash, Hi-hat, Ride, and Effect. Unlike other members of a drum set, cymbals are made of metal. This has led … Read more

Do Cymbals Need to be Broken In?

Breaking in of cymbals is a concept that gets mentioned by many drummers. Some drummers think it’s all a fuss. While some drummers think it’s definitely a must to break in cymbals. Whatever the case, do cymbals need to be broken in? If the cymbal sounds great and you enjoy its sound, it doesn’t need to be broken in. However, if it’s too bright and you prefer a dark … Read more

Why are Drums Round? Here are All the Facts!

Drums are the world’s oldest musical instruments. Most of the drums from around the world bear a striking similarity to one another — most drums have a round shape. Their basic design has remained virtually unchanged for years as well. But why is it so? Why are drums round? All drums produce sound when their membranes vibrate. The shape of the membrane determines how the sound waves generated behave. … Read more

Do Drums Have a Pitch?? +7 Helpful Questions Answered

Drums are percussion instruments. They are one of the oldest and most common types of percussion instruments available. They make sound from being struck. In music, a pitch is a quality that makes it possible to judge sounds as “higher” or “lower” in a sense associated with musical melodies. However, not all musical instruments produce sounds with a clear pitch. With this in mind, where do drums fall in … Read more

Do Cymbals Sound Better with Age? All You Need to Know!

Perhaps you just purchased a new cymbal, and it doesn’t sound as great as your old worn-out cymbals. Is it just your ears? Or cymbals actually sound better with age? In short, yes. Cymbals sound better with age. As cymbals age, they produce a dark and mellow sound, compared to the bright and loud sound on newer cymbals. And many drummers prefer the dark and mellow sound of an … Read more

Do Drumsticks Wear Out? +5 Helpful Tips

One important component of being a drummer is having good drumsticks. A good pair of drumsticks will bring up the tone of your drums and help them cut through the mix. But how durable are drumsticks over time? Do drum sticks wear out? In short, yes. Drumsticks do wear out over time. How often you play with the drumsticks, how hard you hit the drums, the drumstick’s thickness, how … Read more