39 Easy Worship Songs to Play on Piano (+ Chord Charts)

As a worship keyboard player, I often get asked, especially by beginner piano players is, what are some easy worship songs I can practice on the piano? And I totally get them. As a beginner worship keyboard or piano player, it’s such an ego boost to be able to play some worship songs with the little skill you have acquired. The truth is, most worship songs are easy to … more

Speaker Out Vs. Headphone Out: All You Need to Know!

Audio outputs are used to transmit audio signals analog or digital audio signals into the input of other audio devices. However, using the wrong audio output for your audio connection can affect the quality of sound you get from your system. It can lead to weak signal output, poor audio quality, or completely unusable audio. In extreme cases, using the wrong audio output can even result in damaged hardware … more

Main Out vs Control Room Out: All You Need to Know!

Two standard outputs on mixing consoles, are Main Out and Control Room Out ports. Since every type of output on mixing consoles differ slightly from each other, what are the differences between these two output types, and how do they function? I will address all this in this article so read till the end. The main difference between a main out and a control room out is that, a … more

Is The Monitor Out On Mixers and Amps Different? (Solved!)

One of the output ports that can be found in both mixing consoles and amplifiers is the Monitor Out port. With mixing consoles and amplifiers performing entirely different functions, does that mean the functionality of their Monitor Out ports and the type of signal they carry vary as well? I will address these and more in this article so read till the end. Functionally, there is no difference between … more

Rec Out vs Pre Out: What’s the Difference? (Explained!)

Hooking up your AV receiver can be complicated to do due to the different number of ports it comes with. The fact that all of these ports have a specific function and are intended for a specific use makes this task even harder than it has to be for most people. If you look behind your AV receiver, two of the ports you will notice are the “Pre Out” … more

Sub Out Vs. Main Out: All You Need to Know! (Explained!)

A mixing console has multiple outputs designed for specific functions. Two of the outputs on mixing consoles are the Sub Out and Main Out ports. Having relevant knowledge of the specific functions of these two outputs is ideal for getting the best from any mixing console you lay your hands on. Therefore, if you have little to no idea about the roles Sub Outs and Main Out ports play … more

Rec Out Vs. Line Out: What’s The Difference? (Explained!)

Amplifiers, mixers, interfaces, and every audio equipment you can think of has some form of output. Most of this audio equipment even come with multiple outputs that serve different purposes. Unfortunately, most people tend to mix up one audio output for the other whenever they need to hook up or do audio connections. This confusion can be attributed to the fact that; they have limited knowledge of these outputs. … more

Should You EQ Before Recording? (All You Need to Know)

An argument of whether an equalizer (or EQ) should be used before, during, or after a recording has been around for ages. Some audio engineers prefer to process an audio signal through an EQ before recording the final output. Others prefer to record the sound and apply EQ after. But what’s the practice? Should you add EQ before or during a recording? Or you should use EQ after recording. … more

Are RCA Cables Balanced?: All You Need to Know (Solved!)

There are lots of audio cables, and all with their unique features and characteristics. One of the factors that make one cable different from another is the concept of whether an audio cable is balanced or unbalanced. If you are an ardent follower of audio cable manufacture and characteristics, you might have little knowledge about whether RCA cables are balanced or not and what exactly this means. However, if … more

33 Great Pop Songs with Rap Verses (+Videos)

If you’re a fan of pop and hip-hop/rap music just as I am, then this article. Because we’re gonna talk about 33 great pop songs with rap verses that has been released over the years. And I’m sure you’ll find some of your favorite pop tunes in there. Sit back, and enjoy this list. Baby – Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris Baby is a pop song sung by the famous … more