Korg MicroKORG vs Minilogue: Which is Best for You?

Two of Korg’s most talked about synthesizers are the MicroKORG and the Minilogue. These are very capable synthesizers, and many synth lovers have either the MicroKORG or the Minilogue in their synth collection.  This article will be my candid review of these two synths for those of you still looking to buy either the MicroKORG or the Minilogue. And also, I’ll help you decide which synthesizer is best for … more

Can You Run a Synthesizer Through a Guitar Amp? & How To Set it Up

Perhaps the only amp you have is a guitar amp, or maybe you want to add some “dirt” to your synth patches. Whatever the reason, running a synth through a guitar amp can be a scary idea if you haven’t tried it before. That’s because you don’t want to put your expensive gear at risk of damage. So let’s talk about this subject, once and for all. Can you … more

5 Best Synthesizers with Built-in Speakers Review

There are not many synthesizers out there with built-in speakers, and that’s totally understandable. It’s challenging to fit decent speakers in a synth’s form factor.  However, there are quite a number of synths out there with built-in speakers. Most of them are made for musicians who simply want to take their synths along and jam on the road, at the park, or want to have fun tweaking and playing … more

Do You Need a DI Box for a Synthesizer? Things to Consider + 3 Tips

DI boxes are useful for numerous reasons, but do you need one for a synthesizer? Is it necessary or worth it at all? You don’t need a DI Box to record your synthesizer in a home or professional studio. However, it’s a good idea to use a DI box for your synth in a live setting, especially if the mixing console is more than 15 feet away from the … more

Do Synthesizers Have Speakers? (Synths with Built-in Speakers + Tips)

It is common to see some digital pianos and keyboards with speakers built into them. That’s because most of those keyboards are made with the beginner in mind. It’s an excellent idea to have an all-in-one package without any extra gear when learning how to play the piano/keyboard. But what about synthesizers? Do synths have speakers? While a few synthesizers have built-in speakers, most synths don’t have speakers because … more

Do You Need an Amp for a Synthesizer? (+ When to Use It for a Synth)

Perhaps you just picked up your first synthesizer, and you want to get the best sound out of it, or maybe a friend of yours suggested you pick up an amp to play it through. I think these are all good enough reasons for you to consider buying an amp for your synth. But do you actually need an amp for a synth? Synthesizers output a line level signal, … more