Why Are Rickenbacker Bass So Expensive? (Explained)

Rickenbacker has been in existence since 1931, and is, undoubtedly, one of the most sought after bass and guitar brands out there. However, one thing that makes so many bass players hate Rickenbacker bass guitars are their price. But why are Rickenbacker bass so expensive? The main reason why Rickenbacker bass guitars are so expensive is that there is more demand for Rickenbacker bass than the supply. And this … Read more

Can You Use a Bass Amp for Keyboard? Full Details

Perhaps you are a bass player learning the keyboard, and you don’t want to save money on buying a dedicated keyboard amp. Or maybe you are a keyboard player who has no option but to use the bass amp available at the venue you are playing. Whatever the reason, is it a good idea to plug a keyboard in a bass amp? Can you use a bass amp for … Read more

Can You Use a Bass Amp As a Subwoofer? +4 Helpful Tips

There are some situations where we have no option other than to compromise. One of such situations is using a bass amp as a subwoofer. Obviously, a bass amp is not designed to be used as a subwoofer. But is it a good idea to use a bass amp as a subwoofer? It’s not ideal to use a bass amp as a subwoofer. That’s because bass amps are not … Read more

Bass Players: 5 Things You Should Know

The bass guitar isn’t as common as other instruments. And that is certainly a good thing. And you’ll understand why in a moment. Here are five of the most common questions about bass players that you should definitely know the answers to. Without wasting much time, let’s get into it.  Why are bassists so hard to find? Bassists are hard to find because many people are not interested in … Read more

Why Bass Players Wear Gloves: 7 Practical Reasons

Bass players wearing gloves was never a thing until recently — about a decade ago. If you are someone who watches bass guitar videos, you’ve probably noticed the trend of bass players wearing gloves to play. But why do bass players wear gloves? After a few hours of research, I found seven reasons why. And I’m happy to share them with you. Here are the reasons why bass players … Read more

Can You Play Metal with Jazz Bass? & How to Get that Metal Bass Tone

Jazz bass is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular bass we have today. It is the guitar of choice for many professional bass players as well as those starting out. But is it a good bass guitar for heavy metal? Can you play metal with jazz bass? Short answer, yes. You can play metal with a jazz bass. There are many bass players who play metal, hard rock, and … Read more