Can Guitar Amps Be Used for Keyboards? (+ 3 Helpful Tips)

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Are Capos Bad for Guitars? (Explained + 3 Helpful Tips)

Many guitarists are against using capos, although it can be a great tool for several reasons.  Certainly, there are many proficient guitar players available today who don’t find the need to use a capo. But there are others who don’t use the capos because they think it will damage their guitars. But how true is this? Are capos bad for guitars, or is it just a misconception? In short, … Read more

Are EQ Pedals Worth It? Here’s The Truth

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Are Guitars any Cheaper in Mexico? Here Are The Facts!

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Are Guitar Amps Dual Voltage? Here are the Facts!

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Are Guitar Amps Stereo or Mono? +5 Helpful Tips

If you’ve always wondered whether guitar amps are mono or stereo, then you are not alone. Honestly, I’m surprised by the number of times I’ve seen this question asked in forums and Facebook groups, so I decided to answer it once and for all on this blog. Are guitar amps stereo or mono? Most guitar amps available are mono, with a mono input port. That’s because guitars output a … Read more