Speaker Out Vs. Headphone Out: All You Need to Know!

Audio outputs are used to transmit audio signals analog or digital audio signals into the input of other audio devices. However, using the wrong audio output for your audio connection can affect the quality of sound you get from your system. It can lead to weak signal output, poor audio quality, or completely unusable audio. In extreme cases, using the wrong audio output can even result in damaged hardware … Read more

5 Great DACs with Mic Input Review (with Pictures)

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Main Out vs Control Room Out: All You Need to Know!

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Is The Monitor Out On Mixers and Amps Different? (Solved!)

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Bluetooth Headphone Volume Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

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How to Clean XLR Connectors (+7 Great Tips)

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Tape Out vs Pre Out: What’s The Difference? (Explained!)

Tape Out and Pre Out are two audio ports you’ll find on some audio devices. Pre Out is a more common audio output port but Tape Out isn’t that common. Although, both are audio output ports, they serve different purposes. So, what exactly is the difference between Tape Out and Pre Out? A Tape Out is a line-level output that sends a weak signal that is unaffected by signal … Read more