Topping DX3 Pro+Vs. iFi Zen DAC V2: Which Should You Buy?

You would agree with me that, there’s no shortage of digital-to-analog converters (DACs) on the market. However, despite the large number of DACs available to choose from, two high-quality DACs with a range of features that make them favorites among audiophiles are the Topping DX3 Pro+ and the iFi Zen DAC V2. With these two devices being among the most popular DAC options available on the market, how do … more

Behringer X32 Rack vs XR18: Which Should You Buy? (Solved!)

The Behringer X32 Rack and XR18 are two mixing consoles that are popular among podcasters, small bands, touring musicians and small to midsize churches. It is a budget-friendly mixer for those looking to get started with digital mixing consoles on a budget. Although, both the X32 Rack and XR18 are similar in many regard, they are quite different in many ways, and it can be quite difficult deciding on … more

XLR vs AES/EBU: What’s The Difference? All You Need to Know!

Two different cables that come with the same type of connector are XLR and AES/EBU cables. With these two cables looking virtually the same, what is the real difference between them? I will talk about this and more in this article.   The main difference between XLR and AES/EBU cables can be found in the type of signal they transmit. XLR cables are designed to send analog audio signals … more

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 vs Arturia Minifuse 2: Which is Better?

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is very reliable and is considered the standard for home studio interfaces. Due to this, it is widely used by most people across the globe. The good news is, Focusrite as a brand continues to improve the Scarlett 2i2 models with each new generation. However, other brands in the industry are threatening to dethrone the Scarlett 2i2. One such brand is Arturia, with its Minifuse … more

Is XLR Digital Or Analog? (All You Need to Know!)

Generally, every sound that is produced is an analog signal. However, this analog signal can be recorded via digital or analog media. That is why the majority of the cables we see today come as either digital or analog. However, some cables, like the coaxial cable, can carry both analog and digital signals. One of the most popular cables in the audio industry is the XLR. The XLR is … more

Speaker Out Vs. Headphone Out: All You Need to Know!

Audio outputs are used to transmit audio signals analog or digital audio signals into the input of other audio devices. However, using the wrong audio output for your audio connection can affect the quality of sound you get from your system. It can lead to weak signal output, poor audio quality, or completely unusable audio. In extreme cases, using the wrong audio output can even result in damaged hardware … more

5 Great DACs with Mic Input Review (with Pictures)

DACs play an important role in this digital media era by converting streaming music and other digital media files to analog audio that can be heard through headphones or speakers when amplified. This is why all smartphones, laptops, and PCs come with built-in DACs. As you may already know, standalone DACs are built to give you more control than what built-in DACs offer users. Since the primary role of … more

Main Out vs Control Room Out: All You Need to Know!

Two standard outputs on mixing consoles, are Main Out and Control Room Out ports. Since every type of output on mixing consoles differ slightly from each other, what are the differences between these two output types, and how do they function? I will address all this in this article so read till the end. The main difference between a main out and a control room out is that, a … more

Is The Monitor Out On Mixers and Amps Different? (Solved!)

One of the output ports that can be found in both mixing consoles and amplifiers is the Monitor Out port. With mixing consoles and amplifiers performing entirely different functions, does that mean the functionality of their Monitor Out ports and the type of signal they carry vary as well? I will address these and more in this article so read till the end. Functionally, there is no difference between … more

Bluetooth Headphone Volume Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

One common problem with Bluetooth headphones is when the headphone’s volume does not change no matter how much you press them. If your Bluetooth headphones have stopped responding to volume control, then you know exactly how frustrating this can be. The good news is, depending on the audio source you are using, there are some ways of resolving this issue. In this article, I am going to explain why … more