RCA vs 3.5mm: What’s the Difference & Which Sounds Better?

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RCA vs 1/4″: What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

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Mixer vs Receiver: What’s the Difference? (+5 Answers)

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Speakon vs XLR: What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

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Are XLR Cables Mono or Stereo? All You Need to Know

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Line Out vs Headphone Out: What’s the Difference? (Solved!)

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Speakon vs 1/4″: Which is a Better Choice? (Full Details)

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MIDI Files and Copyright: All You Need to Know (Explained!)

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XLR & Mic Splitters: How Well Do They Work? (Full Guide)

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Do XLR To USB Cables Work? (+3 Important Things To Know!)

Nowadays, a lot of people record and produce audio materials from the comfort of their homes. The introduction of USB audio devices and cables such as XLR to USB cables has further increased this statistic. XLR to USB cables are electrical cables that enable you to connect an XLR device directly to your computer. The idea behind the design and manufacture of XLR to USB cables is to enable … Read more