What Does It Mean To Be a Classically Trained Pianist?

Classical pianists are some of the most respected and highly paid musicians out there. With this in mind, what do we mean when we say a pianist is classically trained?  A classically trained pianist is a pianist who has undergone systematic and consistent practice to master music theory, reading and playing sheet music, finger dexterity, and all the necessary skill required to play classical piano. What Makes a Pianist … more

Should You Tip Piano Movers? And If Yes, How Much? (Solved!)

Without the right knowledge, attempting to move a piano yourself can be quite irresponsible and dangerous. That is why piano movers are available to make life a little easier when there is the need to move or relocate your piano.  Usually, piano movers are paid upfront for their service. But after they come and move your piano, should you tip them? You are not expected or required to tip … more

Can Musicians Insure Their Hands? (All You Need to Know!)

An article I read recently mentioned that many musicians are obsessive about caring for their hands. This is because they fear their hands may get damaged while going about their daily activities. In fact, a famous Canadian pianist by the name of Glenn Gould, is known to openly refuse to shake hands with others for fear of his hands getting damaged. However, accidents can happen out of the blue … more

What Musical Instruments Have the Lowest Pitch? (Solved!)

Low pitch musical instruments are an essential piece in any band. They produce the bass you hear in musical pieces and songs. However, as important as they are, the average person can’t point them out in a band. So in this article, we’re going to talk about all the musical instruments with the lowest pitch. If this is something you’re interested in learning, then let’s get into it.  Lots … more

Woody Allen & Music: 6 Things You Need to Know! (+ Videos)

Many people know Woody Allen as an excellent actor, film writer, and director. But only a few are aware Woody Allen is a proficient musician too. For those who don’t know, Woody Allen has been a musician from childhood and still is. He plays a musical instrument, is in a band, and goes on tour playing in different locations worldwide. And we’re going to talk about it all in … more

Can You Use Bass Amp as a Speaker? All You Need to Know!

If you own a bass amp, then you may have wondered if you can use it as a speaker. You may probably have faced a situation where you needed a PA system urgently but had none available, and all you had was your bass amp. In such a situation, what could you have done differently? Can your bass amp serve as a speaker? Can music be played through bass … more

DI Box & Phantom Power: All You Need to Know (+ Useful Tips)

If you have been around microphones and used them for live programs and other applications, then you may have heard of the term “phantom power.” This is because condenser microphones require phantom power before they can work. What about DI boxes? DI boxes are popular among recording and gigging instrumentalists, particularly bass players. Do DI boxes require phantom power before they can work as well?  What is the relationship … more

Can You Reamp with a DI Box? (With Important Tips!)

Maybe you’ve always wondered if you can use a DI box to reamp your microphone, bass, or guitar. Or perhaps you want to save some cash by using a DI Box for reamping instead of purchasing a reamp box. Whatever your reason, one common topic that musicians and audio engineers seem to talk about quite often is reamping and whether you can do that with a DI box. So … more

Line Out vs Direct Out: What’s the Difference? (Solved!)

Audio devices like amplifiers, mixer boards, etc., come with several outputs. A line out and a direct out are just two of these numerous output ports. Between these two output ports, line-outs are the most popular.  If you’ve been around instrumentalists and musicians, then you might have heard the term line out being used. What about the lesser-known direct out port? What do you know about this output port? … more

Line Out vs Monitor Out: What’s the Difference? (Solved!)

Line Out and Monitor Out are two audio output ports found on audio devices, especially professional audio gear. However, not many people know the difference between the two. If you are one of those people, then this article is for you. That’s because, in this article, we’ll cover the difference between Line Out and Monitor Out, and when to choose one over the other. If this is something you’re … more