Midas M32 vs Allen & Heath SQ Series: Which Should You Buy?

Midas M32 digital mixer has been around for many years and it is the go-to mixer for many audio engineers. The Allen & Heath SQ series is fairly new compared to the Midas M32 but it is quickly gaining popularity in the sound engineering space.  And that’s because the SQ series digital mixers have proven to be one of the best digital mixers available today. For someone looking to … Read more

33 Easy Worship Songs to Play on Piano (+ Chord Charts)

As a worship keyboard player, I often get asked, especially by beginner piano players is, what are some easy worship songs I can practice on the piano? And I totally get them. As a beginner worship keyboard or piano player, it’s such an ego boost to be able to play some worship songs with the little skill you have acquired. The truth is, most worship songs are easy to … Read more

Do Amplifiers Need To Warm Up? (Full Explanation)

If you have observed that some musicians and sound guys usually turn their amplifiers on for a while before they use them, you are not alone.  The motive is that they believe amps need to warm up before they can work well and sound good. But how true is it? Do you need to allow amps to warm up before use? Tube amplifiers of any kind need to warm … Read more

Behringer WING vs Behringer X32: Which One Should You Buy?

The Behringer WING and the Behringer X32 digital mixers are two excellent mixing consoles produced by the same musical audio equipment company. However, they have unique qualities that set them apart.  If you are a sound engineer, then the Behringer X32, in particular, needs little to no introduction to you. This is because the Behringer X32 is one of the few mixing consoles that have revolutionized live digital mixers … Read more

Behringer Wing vs Midas M32: Which One Should You Buy?

Behringer and Midas have remained the two most sought-after brands when it comes to digital mixers. And the Midas M32 and Behringer WING are two of the popular digital mixers available today. However, with all the different features and similarities of these two mixers, it can be quite difficult to choose which one you need for your audio setup.  So in this article, we’re going to talk about the … Read more

Are XLR Cables Directional? (All You Need to Know!)

The argument of whether XLR cables are directional or not has been going on for a long time. This is a concept that has been around since some audio cable manufacturers began advertising their products as having a direction when it comes to how audio signals are transferred from one audio device to the other. But are these claims true? Are XLR cables directional? In short, no. XLR cables … Read more

What Musical Instruments Have the Lowest Pitch? (Solved!)

Low pitch musical instruments are an essential piece in any band. They produce the bass you hear in musical pieces and songs. However, as important as they are, the average person can’t point them out in a band. So in this article, we’re going to talk about all the musical instruments with the lowest pitch. If this is something you’re interested in learning, then let’s get into it.  Lots … Read more

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Integrated Amp Vs Power Amp: What’s the Difference? (Solved)

Power amps have been around for many years, and they were the standard devices used to drive speakers. Quite recently, integrated amps came into the scene, and they are gradually replacing power amps. However, many people don’t know the difference between a power amp and an integrated amp and which one to go for. And that’s why I wrote this article. At the end of this article, you should … Read more

Are All XLR Cables the Same? (All You Need to Know!)

With so many XLR cable brands available today, many newbies looking to get into the pro audio world always seem to have the question, “are all XLR cables?” And it is a very valid question because visually, all XLR cables look quite identical. But does that mean they are the same? Although all XLR cables are used to transmit audio from one device to another, they are all not … Read more