Why Do Audiophiles Hate Bose? (5 Things You Should Know!)

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Bose is one of the biggest names in the audio industry. Their products are used by many across the globe. You may be looking at even purchasing a product from Bose but might be having doubts due to the dislike of audiophiles for the brand. 

So why do audiophiles hate Bose? After spending enough time going through various forums and speaking to some audiophiles, this is what I have gathered

Audiophiles hate Bose because, to them, Bose does not make high-fidelity and high-quality sounding products. To audiophiles, Bose make products that sounds great for the average consumer and focus more on marketing rather than the sound quality of their devices. 

Let’s take a closer look at all of the reasons why audiophiles are not fans of Bose headphones and speakers.

Reasons Why Audiophiles Hate Bose

Nature of Sound

According to most audiophiles, the quality of sound produced by Bose products does not sound natural. This is because Bose products are designed to color sound to fit the way most people may want it.

Bose has extensive data on the listening patterns and things most people like listening to. They have data on the Equalizer settings,  loudness, type of songs, and many other variables that many people prefer.

Once they have this data, design and model their products based on this data. And for this reason, the sound signature of Bose products tends to meet the listening needs of most people.

And in my opinion, it’s a brilliant idea to model your devices in a way that it delivers the sound your potential customers want.

However, to audiophiles, this is not good enough. Thus, the quality of sound produced by Bose does not meet the standard often preferred by audiophiles. Audiophiles are selective in what they listen to. 

And this is the same reason why many audiophiles don’t use AirPods Pro.

Unlike most people, audiophiles prefer to hear the original and natural versions of songs. They are not interested in how Bose presents these songs to listeners.

What this means is, audiophiles are more interested in how an artist expresses him/herself in a song and not how Bose perceives most people would like to. This is one of the main reasons why audiophiles have a problem with Bose.

Build Quality

The quality of materials used in making Bose products does not do them any favors in the eyes of audiophiles. The primary focus of the Bose brand is to produce great and optimal sound for a wider audience. 

However, this is done at the expense of material quality. In plain terms, Bose produces great sound but the quality of materials and drivers used in building their components does not meet the standard expected by audiophiles.

The quality and cost of materials used in building Bose products are relatively inferior to what is found in other audiophile systems. 

Thus, though the sound quality of Bose products is maximized, this is done using these inferior materials and drivers. This is why Bose product listings do not have the speaker specifications publicly displayed.

This lack of transparency on the part of Bose sends a wrong message to the audiophile community. 

They see this as a sign of dishonesty and secrecy. As an expert or specialist, would you gladly purchase an item if you had no idea what went into its manufacture? This is what has made audiophiles lose further trust in the Bose brand. 

In summary, Bose products are made using materials of inferior quality. The fact that, in the eyes of audiophiles, there are less expensive audio products made from high-quality materials doesn’t help the case of Bose either.


Bose products are relatively more expensive than lots of other audio brands on the market. The Bose brand is one of the most recognizable brands in the audio world. 

The high price of Bose products can be attributed to their excellent public relations, marketing, and advertising methods. Thus, a lot of high-profile individuals are celebrities who are associated with the beats brand.  

All these increase the hype and prestige surrounding the ownership and use of Bose products.

The endorsement that Bose has from celebrities and other famous people also helps to fuel this hype. I mean, who wouldn’t want to use the same products that superstars and celebrities use? 

This pushes people to part away with their money just to gain the prestige of being a part of the brand. What this means is, when you buy a Bose product, you are not paying for only the sound quality, you are basically paying for the tag or brand name as well.

Unfortunately, most audiophiles are able to see beyond the smokescreen of advertisements used by Bose to market itself.

Is Bose Overrated?

Bose is overrated. This is because there are numerous audio brands that offer products with better sound quality but at a less cost than what Bose offers. 

The sound attributes produced by these other speakers are measurable, unlike Bose speakers, which come without any form of audio specifications.

Though Bose is one of the most recognized audio brands, the quality of the products they produce has always been questionable. The materials and drivers they use are not of the highest quality. 

However, due to highly efficient public relations, marketing, and advertising techniques, Bose has been able to position itself as a company that produces high-quality products. Bose products are built and sold on hype.

Bose dedicates a large number of resources to developing optimal sound. Therefore, a lot of time and research goes into creating the signature Bose sound we have come to know. 

That is why most people feel great listening to sounds from Bose products. 

However, when you weigh the audio quality to the inferior materials used in making the products, you will realize that Bose products are overrated. Thus, they are not worth the price tag they carry.

Personal Thoughts on Bose Products

There is a general perception that Bose products are great and of high quality. That is why Bose products are held in high regard by lots of people. Because of this social recognition and acceptance that Bose has in the sights of many, anyone who owns or uses Bose products does so with a sense of pride.

The sound produced by Bose speakers is not as poor as audiophiles make it seem. They sound better than some more expensive brands out there. 

Bose products are great for consumer audio applications and not producer audio applications. The materials used in making Bose products can be quite durable and last for long when handled properly as well.  

The Bose 700 Over-Ear Headphone (on Amazon), for instance, is one of the most loved headphones in the world. And without a doubt, people enjoy using them. They sound great, have excellent build quality, noise-cancelling, and other handy features that make them one of the best-selling headphones on the market.

This headphone alone has over 16,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. So obviously, people enjoy using them.

Audiophiles are very important to the music world. However, they represent the few minorities whose musical needs cannot be satisfied by Bose products. 

What I am trying to say is, Bose has identified the musical needs of a large section of the world’s population and produces audio devices to meet their needs. Thus, Bose products are not made with audiophiles in mind.

A lot of funds, research, and effort are put into the design and production of Bose products. The sole purpose of all these is to ensure that Bose products sound as pleasing as possible. 

Most of this is centered around boosting the mid-bass frequencies in the sound. This is responsible for the impressive boom of Bose products. 

The noise-canceling headphones produced by Bose are amazing. They provide standard noise cancellation while providing comfort. However, when it comes to their speakers, don’t focus on the hype. Instead, be open-minded and explore other options.


Audiophiles have lots of experience dealing with sound and music. Therefore, they can easily distinguish a great sound system from a bad one.

Unfortunately, Bose products are not great for audiophiles. They are not designed to produce the fantastic listening experience that audiophiles crave. Thus, audiophiles do not have a great listening experience when they use Bose products. 

Also, Bose products are made from inferior materials and drivers. These are the reasons why audiophiles hate Bose.