Do Speaker Baffles Work & Are They Worth It? (Solved!)

Speaker baffles have a variety of functions that go beyond their outward appearances. There are a lot of speculations on the practicality of them. But do they perform as expected, and are they worth it? In this article, we seek to explore reasons why they are worth it and even more. But first, let’s answer the question that probably brought you here. Do speaker baffles work? Speaker baffles do … more

Are Guitar and Bass Picks the Same? Read this First!

Picks, picks, picks… you’ve probably seen so many guitarists and quite a few bass players use them in so many instances. Functionally, they are used for the same purposes, But are guitar and bass picks the same?  Bass and guitar picks are not the same. Dedicated bass picks are slightly thicker and bigger on average than dedicated guitar picks. However, you can use any pick for guitar or bass, … more

Are Vox Amps Good for Metal? (Explained + Important Tips)

Perhaps you went for a gig, and the only guitar amp at the venue is a Vox amp, and you’re wondering if you can get your killer metal tones out of it. Or maybe you own and love the versatility and tone of Vox amps, and you want to use it in a metal band you just joined.  Whatever your reason, are Vox amps good for metal? After some … more