Vox AC30C2 vs Fender Deluxe Reverb: The Ultimate Amp Showdown

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Can PA Speakers Be Used as a Guitar Amp? (+2 Important Tips)

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Do Amplifiers Need To Warm Up? (Full Explanation)

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Do Integrated Amps Have DACs? All You Need to Know (+3 Tips)

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5 Great Integrated Amps with Pre-Out Review (with Pictures)

Back then, integrated amps that were made will have a preamp output and a power amp input port at the back of the unit. And then, they will be connected via an audio jumper cable.  This means if you wanted to use a different power amp for your audio setup, you could easily disconnect the jumper cable and then connect the amp to the preamp output. This is not … more

Integrated Amp vs Separates: Which Is Better? (Explained!)

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