RCA vs Banana Plug: What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

RCA and banana plugs are two of the widely used audio cables out there. But what’s the difference between the two, and when do you choose one over the other? After some hours of research, I’ve put together everything I learned about the differences and similarities between RCA and banana plugs in this article. If this is something you’re interested in learning about, then let’s jump straight into it. … more

3.5mm vs 1/4 Inch: What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

3.5mm and 1/4 inch jacks remain one of the most used audio jacks in the world. Both jacks are commonly referred to as “headphone jacks,” and they are similar in many regards. But what is the difference between 1/4″ and 3.5mm connectors? That’s what we’ll talk about in this article. What is a 3.5mm Connector? The 3.5mm connector, popularly known as the “headphone-jack,” is common in consumer electronic gadgets. … more

RCA vs 3.5mm: What’s the Difference & Which Sounds Better?

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RCA vs 1/4″: What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

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Speakon vs XLR: What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

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Are XLR Cables Mono or Stereo? All You Need to Know

There is usually a lot of confusion when the subject of whether cables, particularly XLR cables, are mono or stereo, is brought up. This subject area can be very confusing for beginners and even professionals. I am going to speak about the issue of whether XLR cables are mono or stereo in this article, so read along. XLR cables are primarily used to transmit a balanced mono audio signal … more

Speakon vs 1/4″: Which is a Better Choice? (Full Details)

There are many different types of audio cables and connectors available today. However, Speakon and 1/4″ connectors are two of the most common ones used in live audio production.  Although both the Speakon and 1/4″ primarily do the same thing, that is, transfer audio signal from one device to another, they are used for different purposes. And that’s what you’ll learn in this article. So what’s the primary difference … more

Do XLR To USB Cables Work? (+3 Important Things To Know!)

Nowadays, a lot of people record and produce audio materials from the comfort of their homes. The introduction of USB audio devices and cables such as XLR to USB cables has further increased this statistic. XLR to USB cables are electrical cables that enable you to connect an XLR device directly to your computer. The idea behind the design and manufacture of XLR to USB cables is to enable … more

Can Speaker Wires Shock You? Everything You Need to Know

Speaker wires serve as the electrical connection between audio amplifiers and loudspeakers. They are used to transmit sound signals from audio amplifiers to speakers. Like the normal wires that we are used to in our everyday lives, are speaker wires dangerous as well? Can speaker wires shock you? Most people cannot tell with certainty the true extent of electrical hazards posed by speaker wires. Speaker wires cannot shock you. … more

XLR vs 1/4 Inch: Which is a Better Choice?

In the professional audio world, two of the most common audio ports and jacks you will find are the XLR and the 1/4 inch. For this reason, many types of audio equipment such as mixers, audio interfaces, keyboards, and guitars either include one or both of these ports on their devices.  This brings up the question for many beginners: which is the better choice — XLR or 1/4 inch? … more