XLR vs AES/EBU: What’s The Difference? All You Need to Know!

Two different cables that come with the same type of connector are XLR and AES/EBU cables. With these two cables looking virtually the same, what is the real difference between them? I will talk about this and more in this article.   The main difference between XLR and AES/EBU cables can be found in the type of signal they transmit. XLR cables are designed to send analog audio signals … more

Is XLR Digital Or Analog? (All You Need to Know!)

Generally, every sound that is produced is an analog signal. However, this analog signal can be recorded via digital or analog media. That is why the majority of the cables we see today come as either digital or analog. However, some cables, like the coaxial cable, can carry both analog and digital signals. One of the most popular cables in the audio industry is the XLR. The XLR is … more

How To Remove Stuck XLR Connectors (Full Guide!)

Anyone who uses XLR cables regularly knows how easily their connectors can become stuck in their sockets and other audio devices. There are numerous reasons why this may happen. Nonetheless, it is always frustrating when any XLR socket gets stuck in another socket. When they get stuck firmly, removing them can be hard to do. Though this is the case, if you are faced with a stuck XLR cable, … more

How to Clean XLR Connectors (+7 Great Tips)

Cleaning XLR connectors is not something that everyone considers to be important. This is not surprising since these cables are very reliable, and thus usually work very well. In rare cases where they stop working, they are simply replaced. Due to this, the idea of cleaning XLR connectors has not been embraced by most people. However, you can significantly increase the lifespan and effectiveness of your XLR cables by … more

Tape Out vs Pre Out: What’s The Difference? (Explained!)

Tape Out and Pre Out are two audio ports you’ll find on some audio devices. Pre Out is a more common audio output port but Tape Out isn’t that common. Although, both are audio output ports, they serve different purposes. So, what exactly is the difference between Tape Out and Pre Out? A Tape Out is a line-level output that sends a weak signal that is unaffected by signal … more

Are XLR Cables Shielded? All You Need to Know! (Explained)

Most modern electrical and lighting cables come with an extra layer or component that protects them from serious harm and further insulates them from interference. This extra layer is referred to as shielding. Shielding is a very useful component in lots of lighting and electrical cables. In the last few decades, some audio cables have been known to come with this shielding as well. Audio cables that are widely … more

Are XLR Cables Directional? (All You Need to Know!)

The argument of whether XLR cables are directional or not has been going on for a long time. This is a concept that has been around since some audio cable manufacturers began advertising their products as having a direction when it comes to how audio signals are transferred from one audio device to the other. But are these claims true? Are XLR cables directional? In short, no. XLR cables … more

Are All XLR Cables the Same? (All You Need to Know!)

With so many XLR cable brands available today, many newbies looking to get into the pro audio world always seem to have the question, “are all XLR cables?” And it is a very valid question because visually, all XLR cables look quite identical. But does that mean they are the same? Although all XLR cables are used to transmit audio from one device to another, they are all not … more

XLR vs 3.5mm: Which is a Better Choice? (Full Guide)

XLR and 3.5mm connectors are two of the many audio connectors available today. And they are, without a doubt, part of the most used options out there. However, do you really know enough about them? What is the difference between XLR and 3.5mm connectors? Which is the better option? And can you connect an XLR jack to a 3.5mm port and vice versa? This and more is what we’ll … more

Phono Vs Aux: All You Need to Know! (+ Useful Tips)

If you own an A/V receiver or a turntable, I’m sure you’ve come across input and output ports labeled “Phono” and Aux.” And this has many people confused. But what this the actual difference between and a phono port and and aux port. And which one should you use. This and more is what we’ll learn in this article. So let’s get straight into it. What Is a Phono? … more