Can You Convert A USB Mic to XLR? (Important Things to Know!)

USB microphones are getting better as each year passes. In fact, the latest models are so good that producers, musicians, and audio engineers are looking for new ways to incorporate and use them in their music production. Due to their unique qualities, lots of people recommend that one gets a really good USB mic that can be used for as many purposes as possible. However, with most USB microphones … more

Can You Connect a Condenser Mic to a Phone? (Full Guide!)

Maybe you’ve always wanted to improve the audio quality of your smartphone’s audio recordings by using a condenser microphone instead of the phone’s built-in mic. But is this even possible? Can you use a condenser microphone with a phone? You can connect and use a condenser microphone can with a phone. This can be achieved by connecting the condenser microphone to the phone’s charging port or headphone jack. Depending … more

Can Microphones Be Used As Speakers? All You Need to Know!

Speakers and microphones are like the two sides of the same coin — they have very similar technology. Also, I’m sure you’ve probably seen or heard about people using speakers as microphones. That’s a very common practice used in music studios to capture audio. But what about microphones? Can microphones be used as speakers? In short, yes. A microphone can work as a speaker when you plug it in … more

How to Tell if a Condenser Microphone is Broken (+ 5 Important Tips)

Condenser microphones have been the microphone of choice for many home and professional studios for recording. That’s because of how sensitive they are to pick subtle details in a performance.  Although most condensers, even the budget options, have excellent build quality with good components that make them last for a long time, they can still get broken or damaged. So how can you tell if a condenser microphone is … more

8 Reasons Why Your Condenser Microphone is Quiet (& How to Fix it)

Condenser microphones are one of the most popular types of microphones available. It is usually the preferred type of mic for recording vocals, acoustic guitar, drum overheads, and more. That’s because of how sensitive these microphones are. However, for someone new to recording, condenser mics can be quite tricky to use. A common problem with condenser microphones is they can get very quiet, meaning the audio signal recorded will … more