5 Great Integrated Amps with Pre-Out Review (with Pictures)

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Back then, integrated amps that were made will have a preamp output and a power amp input port at the back of the unit. And then, they will be connected via an audio jumper cable. 

This means if you wanted to use a different power amp for your audio setup, you could easily disconnect the jumper cable and then connect the amp to the preamp output.

This is not the case for integrated amps made recently. Nowadays, the preamp and power amp of integrated amps are connected internally. For this reason, there are no preamp output (or pre-out) ports on many integrated amps made recently.

However, few brands and manufacturers still make integrated amps with pre-outs. So in this article, we’re going to take a look at five of the best integrated amps with pre-outs. If this is something you’re interested in, then this article is for you.

I will give you solid guidelines and information that will point you in the right direction. So read along because you will find an integrated amp that meets your audio needs and suits your budget as well. Let’s get into it.

Marantz PM8006

The Marantz PM8006 Integrated Amp (on Amazon) is a top-line integrated amp that is part of the Marantz PM series. It is one of the best-integrated amps you can get at the price it comes at. This device has a quality design and functionality. 

You would quickly realize that the PM8006 has been designed to look like vintage hi-fi systems from its aesthetics.

Right at the back of the unit, you’ll find a stereo RCA output port labeled “Pre Out.” If you intend to use your integrated as a preamp, that’s the port you want to use. 

You can connect the Pre-Out port to another power amp’s input if that’s what you prefer.

Next to the Pre-Out port on the Marantz PM8006 is an input port labeled “Power Amp Direct In.” This port allows you to bypass the preamp by sending the audio signal directly to the power amp section of this integrated amp. 

This means if you want to use an external preamp with this integrated amp, you can easily do that. Other than that, it also has the standard inputs you’d expect from many integrated amps such as CD, Tuner, Network, Aux, among others.

It also has gold-plated inputs and outputs. And that’s not just a design choice; it also helps prevent the ports from rusting. 

A standard three-band EQ (Bass, Mid, and Treble) is on the front panel that allows you to adjust the music to your personal taste, a balance knob, an input selector, and volume control. Pretty standard

The only thing I wish this integrated amp had is a built-in Digital to Analog Converter ( or DAC). Other than that, this is a versatile integrated amp that delivers a powerful and dynamic sound. And the sound output is detailed, high quality, and very accurate. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this amp to anyone looking for an integrated amp with all the essential features and then some.

Cambridge Audio CXA81

The Cambridge Audio CXA81 (Amazon) is undoubtedly one of the best-integrated amps on the market. One thing you will immediately notice when you use this integrated amp is the high level of clarity and quality of the sound it produces.

This integrated amp is packed with a ton of features. But I’m going to focus on the most relevant ones starting with the audio outputs.

Besides the standard speaker output on integrated amps, the Cambridge Audio CXA81 has a “Pre-Out” and a “Sub-Out.” 

The pre-out is meant to be used with a power amp, while the sub-out is intended to be used with a powered subwoofer. We have an entire article explaining the difference between a pre-out and a sub-out. Feel free to check it out.

There is also a headphone output located on the front panel, which means there is a built-in headphone amp in this unit.

You get 4 RCA analog audio inputs, two optical digital inputs, a coaxial digital input, USB audio in, and Bluetooth connectivity on the input side of things. 

All these various digital inputs should tell you one thing: a Digital–to–analog converter is built into this integrated amp. 

All of these options make the Cambridge Audio CXA81 extremely versatile. You can pretty much use it with almost every device. And if you’re the type that listens to music in hi-res, this integrated amp is certainly worth considering.

The two things I would have loved to see on the Cambridge Audio CXA81 are a phono input and perhaps a remote control. 

That notwithstanding, the amount of work that manufacturers have put into the Cambridge Audio CXA81 has literally made it a standard for all integrated amps in its price range. Therefore, this integrated amp is worth purchasing.

NAD-D 3020 v2

The NAD-D 3020 V2 (on Amazon) is an improvement on the classic NAD amp. It has a simple design, with the top corner of its chassis having a gentle curve. This device has been built to have a 24-bit/96kHz Digital-to-Analog Converter. 

This means you wouldn’t need an external DAC if you go for the NAD-D 3020 v2 Integrated Amp. 

Unlike most integrated amps, the NAD-D 3020 integrated amp has two orientations. It can either be positioned horizontally or vertically. And you’d have to decide for yourself which orientation looks better with your audio setup.

Due to this feature, you can immediately identify this integrated amp when you set eyes on it. It has a small design which makes it versatile when it comes to positioning.

The NAD D3020 V2 is easy to use and offers plenty of power. Its amp has a 60W power rating which is more than enough to power most Hi-Fi speakers.

However, because it comes with a pre-out, you can use this integrated amp with any power amp you want.

A couple of features I almost forgot to mention is that this integrated amp also has Bluetooth functionality for streaming offline as well as a built-in headphone amp. And because it has a built-in DAC, it has optical and coaxial digital inputs. 

Finally, the NAD 3020 v2 integrated amp can be connected directly to a turntable. And that’s because it has a moving magnet phono stage.

So, as you can already tell, this integrated amp is what we’ll classify as a “jack of all trades.” This can easily be the only integrated amp you’ll ever need for your Hi-Fi setup.

And after several inquiries and research, its users are quite happy with its performance overall. It easily gets the job done.

The few downsides I found are that this integrated amp can get quite warm when it’s in a horizontal position. But it isn’t such a big deal and doesn’t affect the amp’s performance. And you can always position it vertically to prevent the NAD 3020 v2 from heating.

Also, many users wish this amp comes with a balance, treble, or bass control knobs.

Overall, the NAD D 3020 V2 is a solid integrated amp by all standards. And the great thing about this device is that it provides you with great sound at a relatively low price. Therefore, it is worth every penny you spend on it.

Peachtree Audio nova300

Peachtree Audio has been around for over a decade. And for a company to be in business, considering the competition in the audio space means they are doing something right.

And the Peachtree Audio nova300 (Amazon) is a testament. And you’ll understand why in a moment. Let’s first start with the aesthetics.

The Peachtree Audio nova300 has a unique design that comes with a front panel made of aluminum. The rest of the device is housed in a rounded wooden case with beautiful veneers. Without a doubt, the Peachtree Audio will blend in with your A/V system setup for its neutral silver and black look.

This integrated amp delivers an impressive 300 watts of power per channel. It is powered by a class A/B power amplifier. This is a new generation power amplification technology. And as a bonus, the nova300 has a built-in DAC as well for those who like to use digital inputs.

When it comes to inputs, this device has a moving magnet phono input stage. This allows you to directly connect your device to a turntable.

It also has direct iOS input on its rear panel. And this means you can connect your Mac, iPhone, or iPad to the Peachtree Audio nova300 directly using a lightning connector. And obviously, this is a unique feature you wouldn’t find on many integrated amps.

The Peachtree Audio nova300 has two optical inputs and one coaxial input. It has a headphone amplifier that can drive any headphone. Additionally, it has a home theater bypass for easy integration with an AV receiver or a multi-channel processor.

If you want to use a different amplifier with the Peachtree Audio nova300, you can easily connect that to the pre-out ports of the nova300. This will bypass the built-in power amp of this integrated amp.

Unlike the other integrated amps I have talked about, the Peachtree nova300 is extremely quiet. 

This is because it has a great signal-to-noise ratio. This means even if you turn the volume of this device to the maximum while no music is being played, you will not hear any noise.

It would have been great if Peachtree had added an LCD screen to the nova300. It would have made it much easier to use and change settings like volume, input source, and other features much easier to access. In my opinion, that’s the only downside of this device. 

To conclude, the Peachtree nova300 is a great device with lots of functionality. This device is extremely powerful and dynamic. Thus, it is capable of driving a wide range of speakers. 

It delivers a high-quality output with low noise and wide bandwidth. Therefore, if you are in search of an integrated amp that can drive your loudspeakers easily, you should definitely go in for this.

Audiolab 6000A Stereo Integrated Amp

The Audiolab 6000A Stereo Integrated Amp (Amazon) has been built to combine high-class performance with modern features. It is a solid and dependable amplifier. 

This means you are always assured of excellent performance. This should definitely be considered if you’re looking for an integrated amp with pre-outs.

With a power rating of 100W, this amp can drive most modern high-end Hi-Fi speakers. It has two optical and two coaxial digital inputs meaning there is a built-in DAC on this integrated amp as well. 

And on the front panel, there is a headphone output port which means there is a built-in headphone amp on this unit. 

This Audiolab 6000A integrated amp offers Bluetooth functionality. It has a great layout, and the features it comes with are spread over its spacious presentation. This device comes with a moving magnet phono stage and remote control.

Unfortunately, it has no USB input connection. However, this Audiolab 6000A generates sound output that is clean, articulate, and refined. It is one of the best integrated amps for its price range. Thus, you will get outstanding value for your money.


Integrated amplifiers help you get the best out of your musical sources. The range of integrated amps I have talked about in this article is among the very best you can find available on the market. 

They are of great build quality, have unique features, and perform excellently. Thus, depending on what you require, go ahead and select one of these brilliant devices that will best suit your musical needs.