Are Bookshelf Speakers Active Or Passive? Facts to Know!

Bookshelf speakers are among the most versatile of all speaker types available. This is because they come in different varieties and can be used with many different audio systems. In addition to these, they can be configured in multiple ways as well. Due to this, bookshelf speakers have become very popular. Despite their popularity, quite a number of people are unsure as to whether bookshelf speakers are active or … more

How To Remove Stuck XLR Connectors (Full Guide!)

Anyone who uses XLR cables regularly knows how easily their connectors can become stuck in their sockets and other audio devices. There are numerous reasons why this may happen. Nonetheless, it is always frustrating when any XLR socket gets stuck in another socket. When they get stuck firmly, removing them can be hard to do. Though this is the case, if you are faced with a stuck XLR cable, … more

Can You Convert A USB Mic to XLR? (Important Things to Know!)

USB microphones are getting better as each year passes. In fact, the latest models are so good that producers, musicians, and audio engineers are looking for new ways to incorporate and use them in their music production. Due to their unique qualities, lots of people recommend that one gets a really good USB mic that can be used for as many purposes as possible. However, with most USB microphones … more

How to Clean XLR Connectors (+7 Great Tips)

Cleaning XLR connectors is not something that everyone considers to be important. This is not surprising since these cables are very reliable, and thus usually work very well. In rare cases where they stop working, they are simply replaced. Due to this, the idea of cleaning XLR connectors has not been embraced by most people. However, you can significantly increase the lifespan and effectiveness of your XLR cables by … more

Tape Out vs Pre Out: What’s The Difference? (Explained!)

Tape Out and Pre Out are two audio ports you’ll find on some audio devices. Pre Out is a more common audio output port but Tape Out isn’t that common. Although, both are audio output ports, they serve different purposes. So, what exactly is the difference between Tape Out and Pre Out? A Tape Out is a line-level output that sends a weak signal that is unaffected by signal … more

How to Waterproof Speaker and Subwoofer Box (6 Checklists!)

Every professional in the audio industry will tell you that adequately sealing speaker and subwoofer cabinets to make them waterproof, is very important. This is because, most speakers are built to have paper diaphragms in their drivers, and other parts that are sensitive to humidity and moisture. Therefore, waterproofing of speaker and subwoofer boxes helps to protect your speakers and subs from any harm that may be caused by … more

Rec Out vs Pre Out: What’s the Difference? (Explained!)

Hooking up your AV receiver can be complicated to do due to the different number of ports it comes with. The fact that all of these ports have a specific function and are intended for a specific use makes this task even harder than it has to be for most people. If you look behind your AV receiver, two of the ports you will notice are the “Pre Out” … more

Are XLR Cables Shielded? All You Need to Know! (Explained)

Most modern electrical and lighting cables come with an extra layer or component that protects them from serious harm and further insulates them from interference. This extra layer is referred to as shielding. Shielding is a very useful component in lots of lighting and electrical cables. In the last few decades, some audio cables have been known to come with this shielding as well. Audio cables that are widely … more

Sub Out Vs. Main Out: All You Need to Know! (Explained!)

A mixing console has multiple outputs designed for specific functions. Two of the outputs on mixing consoles are the Sub Out and Main Out ports. Having relevant knowledge of the specific functions of these two outputs is ideal for getting the best from any mixing console you lay your hands on. Therefore, if you have little to no idea about the roles Sub Outs and Main Out ports play … more

Rec Out Vs. Line Out: What’s The Difference? (Explained!)

Amplifiers, mixers, interfaces, and every audio equipment you can think of has some form of output. Most of this audio equipment even come with multiple outputs that serve different purposes. Unfortunately, most people tend to mix up one audio output for the other whenever they need to hook up or do audio connections. This confusion can be attributed to the fact that; they have limited knowledge of these outputs. … more