Rhythm vs Treble Pickup: All You Need to Know!

Most guitars usually have two pickups, the treble pickup, and rhythm pickup. If you just started learning the guitar, you have probably come across the term “treble pickup” and “rhythm pickup.” Intermediate and advanced guitar players probably know what they are. However, the difference between a treble and rhythm pickup for many newbies who just picked up a guitar can be hard to understand. After some hours of research, … Read more

What is a Guitar “Ashtray” Bridge Cover & What Does it Do?

Guitar bridge covers, also known as the “ashtray” bridge cover, were a very popular add-on to Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters for nearly 20 years. Although it’s not as common as it was back in the day, we still see them on some guitars, and some shops still sell bridge covers. But what exactly is a guitar bridge cover, and what does it do? An “ashtray” bridge cover is a … Read more

Integrated Amp Vs Power Amp: What’s the Difference? (Solved)

Power amps have been around for many years, and they were the standard devices used to drive speakers. Quite recently, integrated amps came into the scene, and they are gradually replacing power amps. However, many people don’t know the difference between a power amp and an integrated amp and which one to go for. And that’s why I wrote this article. At the end of this article, you should … Read more

Are All XLR Cables the Same? (All You Need to Know!)

With so many XLR cable brands available today, many newbies looking to get into the pro audio world always seem to have the question, “are all XLR cables?” And it is a very valid question because visually, all XLR cables look quite identical. But does that mean they are the same? Although all XLR cables are used to transmit audio from one device to another, they are all not … Read more

XLR vs 3.5mm: Which is a Better Choice? (Full Guide)

XLR and 3.5mm connectors are two of the many audio connectors available today. And they are, without a doubt, part of the most used options out there. However, do you really know enough about them? What is the difference between XLR and 3.5mm connectors? Which is the better option? And can you connect an XLR jack to a 3.5mm port and vice versa? This and more is what we’ll … Read more

Flat Sounding Headphones: 7 Things You Need to Know (+Tips)

Flat-sounding headphones (or flat headphones) have been around for many years. However, not many casual music listeners and audio enthusiasts knew about them until recently. But how good are flat headphones? Do they sound good? Flat headphones are good for audio/mixing engineers and audiophiles. That’s because it provides an accurate sound representation of the audio played through it with little to no change to the frequencies. This means the … Read more

23 of the Greatest Baritone Saxophone Players (+Performance)

If you’re a baritone saxophone player, then you know there’s nothing more inspiring than watching some of the best and greatest baritone sax players play their instruments with so much passion and virtuosity. In this article, we’ll talk about 23 of the best baritone saxophone players of all time, provide a short bio about them, and highlight one of their top performances. If that’s what you came here for, … Read more

Do Integrated Amps Have DACs? All You Need to Know (+3 Tips)

Having a DAC and integrated amp in your audio setup is an excellent way to drastically improve the sound quality of your home audio setup. But it can be quite expensive to purchase both a standalone DAC and an integrated amp. So the question on many newbie audio enthusiasts’ minds is, “do integrated amps have DACs built into them? After doing a little bit of research, here is everything … Read more

Is Your Audio Interface Broken? (10 Things You Should Know!)

Like most audio gear, an audio interface comes with many features and functions. Thus, it can be overwhelming to get it to work just like you want it to, especially when you have relatively little knowledge about how to do so. Many people have faced situations where their audio interfaces do not work as they expect them to. During such situations, the most typical thought that runs through the … Read more

Cheap vs Expensive Saxophone: What’s the Difference?

The popular phrase “a sax is a sax” is commonly used among some people in the saxophone world. This phrase is tossed around to mean that a cheap saxophone is the same as an expensive one.  Thus, why should you even bother to go beyond your financial limits to acquire an expensive saxophone? However, is this actually true? Are cheap saxophones just as good as expensive ones?  If you … Read more