Phono Vs Aux: All You Need to Know! (+ Useful Tips)

If you own an A/V receiver or a turntable, I’m sure you’ve come across input and output ports labeled “Phono” and Aux.” And this has many people confused. But what this the actual difference between and a phono port and and aux port. And which one should you use. This and more is what we’ll learn in this article. So let’s get straight into it. What Is a Phono? … Read more

Why are DACs So Expensive? (10 Things You Should Know!)

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5 Great Integrated Amps with Pre-Out Review (with Pictures)

Back then, integrated amps that were made will have a preamp output and a power amp input port at the back of the unit. And then, they will be connected via an audio jumper cable.  This means if you wanted to use a different power amp for your audio setup, you could easily disconnect the jumper cable and then connect the amp to the preamp output. This is not … Read more

Can You Connect a Condenser Mic to a Phone? (Full Guide!)

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Are AirPods Pro Audiophile? All You Need to Know (Solved!)

The AirPods Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best-selling earbuds available today. Many people love it for its sound quality, clarity, and noise-canceling feature. But is the AirPods audiophile quality, and does it deliver high-fidelity audio? The AirPods Pro is not audiophile quality. Although the sound produced by the AirPods sounds great, it does not output the high-fidelity sound required by audiophiles. This is because the AirPod … Read more

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Can You Record Drums with a Condenser Mic? (+ Helpful Tips!)

Condenser mics are one of the most popular mics in the audio industry. They are known for their ability to capture great vocals. Thus, condenser mics are typically used by vocalists and choristers during studio or live sessions. However, can a condenser mic be used to record drums as well?. You can record drums with a condenser mic. Condenser mics are very sensitive and can capture all the subtle … Read more

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Integrated Amp vs Separates: Which Is Better? (Explained!)

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DI Box & Phantom Power: All You Need to Know (+ Useful Tips)

If you have been around microphones and used them for live programs and other applications, then you may have heard of the term “phantom power.” This is because condenser microphones require phantom power before they can work. What about DI boxes? DI boxes are popular among recording and gigging instrumentalists, particularly bass players. Do DI boxes require phantom power before they can work as well?  What is the relationship … Read more