Do Preamp Tubes Need to Be Matched?

Perhaps you are looking to replace worn-out preamp tubes, or maybe you are looking to upgrade to more robust tubes. But the no. 1 question many people replacing their preamp tubes for the first time ask is, do preamp tubes need to be matched? Well, after hours of research, here is what I found. Preamp tubes don’t need to be matched. The two triodes in preamp tubes operate independently … Read more

Can a Headphone Amp Power Speakers? All You Need to Know

Speakers and amplifiers go hand in hand. Speakers produce sound, and amplifiers make speakers sound. In short, all speakers depend on amplifiers in order to work. With the craze for acquisition and experimentation of/with new gadgets and devices, some musical enthusiasts have been asking, “Can Headphone amplifiers be used to power speakers?” Headphone amplifiers cannot power speakers. Speakers require a relatively large amount of power to drive them, but … Read more

Midas MR18 vs Soundcraft Ui24R: Which One Should You Buy?

After I made a comparison between the Midas MR18 and Behringer XR18 digital mixer, I received a couple of emails asking me to compare the Midas MR18 with the Soundcraft Ui24R. After much hesitation, I finally decided to go for it. When we talk about compact, rack-mountable digital mixers, two of the most popular options that come to mind are the Midas MR18 and the Soundcraft Ui24R digital mixers. … Read more

Are Behringer Pedals Any Good? Read This Before You Buy

Many years ago, Behringer added the production of guitar effects pedals to its long list of products by imitating (cloning) some of the most popular and successful guitar effect pedals available today. These pedals have received mixed reactions from their users. Many swear by how great they sound, while others simply refer to them as cheap. These reactions and reviews have led many to ask, “Are Behringer pedals any … Read more

XLR vs 1/4 Inch: Which is a Better Choice?

In the professional audio world, two of the most common audio ports and jacks you will find are the XLR and the 1/4 inch. For this reason, many types of audio equipment such as mixers, audio interfaces, keyboards, and guitars either include one or both of these ports on their devices.  This brings up the question for many beginners: which is the better choice — XLR or 1/4 inch? … Read more

Can Amplifiers Damage Headphones? And How to Prevent It

As an avid member of many audiophiles and general audio forums, one question that I see many newbies ask is, can amplifiers damage headphones? Although I thought this question had an obvious answer, it seems it’s not as obvious as one may think. So I decided to write a full article about it. After a few hours of research, here is what I found. Can amplifiers damage headphones?¬†Amplifiers can … Read more

Can Microphones Be Used As Speakers? All You Need to Know!

Speakers and microphones are like the two sides of the same coin — they have very similar technology. Also, I’m sure you’ve probably seen or heard about people using speakers as microphones. That’s a very common practice used in music studios to capture audio. But what about microphones? Can microphones be used as speakers? In short, yes. A microphone can work as a speaker when you plug it in … Read more

4 Best Wireless Routers for Digital Mixers Review

Almost every digital mixing console available today can be controlled remotely with a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. This has given mixing engineers multiple ways to mix for a live event. One crucial device that makes all of this possible is a wireless router. A wireless router helps connect all of your devices, including the digital mixer, on one network so that they can communicate. Although any wireless … Read more

Midas MR18 vs Behringer XR18: Which One Should You Buy?

The Behringer XR18 and the Midas MR18 are two of the most popular entry-level digital mixers for many mixing engineers. Although they offer similar features, the Midas MR18 is more expensive than the Behringer XR18.  So what’s the main difference between Midas MR18 vs Behringer XR18? Is it worth spending the extra cash on the Midas? Or you should probably save some cash by going for the Behringer XR18? … Read more

Korg MicroKORG vs Minilogue: Which is Best for You?

Two of Korg’s most talked about synthesizers are the MicroKORG and the Minilogue. These are very capable synthesizers, and many synth lovers have either the MicroKORG or the Minilogue in their synth collection.  This article will be my candid review of these two synths for those of you still looking to buy either the MicroKORG or the Minilogue. And also, I’ll help you decide which synthesizer is best for … Read more